Daiara Tukano

Daiara Tukano, of the Tukano indigenous nation of the Upper Rio Negro, is an indigenous activist and artist. With a Masters Degree in human rights at... view

Ifi Amadiume

Ifi Amadiume is Professor of Religion at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. She did her fieldwork among the Igbo in Nigeria in Africa with a special... view

Bridget Anderson

Bridget Anderson view

Denise Arnold

Denise Arnold is Director of the Institute of Aymara Language and Culture in La Paz, Bolivia. She is also Honorary Research Professor at Birkbeck... view

Anthony Auerbach

Anthony Auerbach is an artist. view

Camille Barbagallo

Before migrating to London in 2005, Camille Barbagallo lived and worked in Australia and was active in trade unions, student movements and in social... view

Jonathan Benthall

From 1974 to 2000, Jonathan Benthall was Director of the Royal Anthropological Institute. He was the Founding Editor of Anthropology Today, editing... view

Colette Berbesque

Colette Berbesque is an evolutionary ecologist who has lived and studied with the Hadza hunter-gatherers of Tanzania in their own environment,... view

Nurit Bird-David

Nurit Bird-David is Professor in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Haifa in Israel, and past president of the Israeli Anthropological... view

Roger Blench

Roger Blench is an anthropologist and linguist, working as a consultant on sociological aspects of rural development. His other interests include... view

Rosalyn Bold

Rosalyn Bold is currently a Research Associate at the Center for the Anthropology of Sustainability (CAOS), University College London. She... view

Dasa Bombjakova

Daša Bombjaková has just completed her Ph.D. in anthropology at University College London, having conducted fieldwork among the Mbendjele-Bayaka... view

Kathleen Bryson

Kathleen Bryson is an evolutionary anthropologist in the Department of Anthropology, University College London. Her research is focused on gender,... view

Joe Cain

Professor Joe Cain is Professor of History and Philosophy of Biology in UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies. view

Hilary Callan

Hilary Callan has been Director of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland since 2000. From 1993 to 2000 she was Director of... view

Marisa Carnesky

Marisa Carnesky is a magical performance artist. Inspired by the ideas of anthropologists Camilla Power and Chris Knight, her experimental research... view

Jonathan Chadwick

Jonathan Chadwick is Director of Az Theatre. He is a founder member of Paddington Arts, a former Artistic Director of the Vanguard Company at the... view

Margaret Clegg

Margaret Clegg has a degree in Behavioural Science, a Masters and PhD in Biological Anthropology. Her own research includes work on the evolution of... view

Marcus Coates

Marcus Coates is a well-known British performance artist whose work explores what it means to be human by getting into the skin of rabbits, badgers... view

Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen is part of a rare species, a marxist who has had a life-long interest in shamanism and the so-called 'mystical' traditions of humanity.... view

Alicia Colson

Alicia Colson is an archaeologist and ethnohistorian. She trained at the Institute of Archaeology (UCL) and Southampton University (Depts of... view

Martin Cradick

Martin Cradick is a musician, composer and ethnomusicologist. He has been working with a group of Baka Pygmy hunter-gatherers living on the Cameroon-... view

Alyssa Crittenden

Alyssa Crittenden is an anthropologist at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas who studies the relationship between human behavior and the environment... view

Julien d'Huy

Julien d’Huy, of the Pantheon–Sorbonne University in Paris, is pioneering the use of evolutionary theory and computer modeling to compare and analyze... view

Frederique Darragon

Frederique Darragon is an economist by training who has spent many years in rural China and Tibet. Since 1998, she has been researching the... view

Jean-Louis Dessalles

Jean-Louis Dessalles is Associate Professor at Telecom Paristech. His research focuses on the quest for fundamental principles underlying the... view

Matthew Doyle

Based in the Department of Anthropology at Sussex University, Matthew Doyle is conducting fieldwork in Bolivia with a special focus on political... view

Mark Dyble

Mark Dyble is a Research Fellow at Jesus College, Cambridge, and an Affiliated Lecturer in Biological Anthropology. His research focuses on the... view

Morag Feeney-Beaton

Morgan Feeney-Beaton is a long-standing member of the Radical Anthropology Group. She has recently conducted postgraduate research at the University... view

Elena Fejdiova

Elena Fejdiova is a postgraduate student in anthropology at the University of East London. Her research focuses on cosmetic ritual in a twenty-first... view

Morna Finnegan

Morna Finnegan gained her first degree in Women Studies at University of East London. She went on to pursue a Ph.D in Social Anthropology at... view

Andrew Fowler

Andrew Fowler is a field primatologist. He has studied chimpanzees in the Gashaka-Gumti National Park, Nigeria, under the supervision of Professor... view

Sergey Gavrilets

Sergey Gavrilets is a mathematical modeller interested in the dynamics of sexual conflict and the origins and evolution of distinctively human... view

Lauren Gawne

Lauren Gawne is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Linguistics at SOAS, with a PhD from the University of Melbourne. She is interested in documenting... view

David Graeber

David Graeber is an American anthropologist and anarchist has been involved in social and political activism, including the protests against the... view

Malvika Gupta

Malvika Gupta is a candidate for DPhil at the Department of International Development, University of Oxford. view

Robin Halpin

Robin Halpin has been an active member of the Radical Anthropology Group for ten years since returning to London after a career in Vienna and... view

Guilherme Orlandini Heurich

Guilherme Orlandini Heurich has worked with Amerindian groups for the past 13 years, more intensively with the Araweté in Eastern Amazonia. He has a... view

Martin Holbraad

Martin Holbraad's main field research is in Cuba, where he focuses on Afro-Cuban religions and revolutionary politics. Having completed in 2002 his... view

Wendy James

Wendy James is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Oxford and past President of the Royal Anthropological Institute. She has carried out... view

Monica Janowski

Monica Janowski is a social anthropologist who has been carrying out research in Sarawak for more than 30 years. Her research interests focus on... view

Shivani Kaul

Shivani Kaul is a research student in the department of anthropology at UCL and in psychodynamic-systemic training at the Tavistock and Portman NHS... view

Kofi Klu

x view

Chris Knight

Professor Chris Knight is at the Department of Anthropology, University College London. He gained his Ph.D. from the University of London with a... view

Marek Kohn

Marek Kohn is a science writer on evolution, biology and society. His first two books were on drugs, their cultural history, and their politics. He... view

Algis Kuliukas

Algis Kuliukas is currently a PhD student at University of Western Australia in Perth, studying the evolution of human bipedality. Specifically he is... view

Philip Lee

x view

Les Levidow

Les Levidow is a Senior Research Fellow at the Open University with a special interest in controversial agricultural technologies, especially... view

Gabriel Levy

Gabriel Levy is a political activist and historian of science with a special interest in the history of climate science. view

Jerome Lewis

Jerome Lewis is a specialist on Central Africa and hunter-gatherer societies. He has conducted extensive fieldwork in the Republic of Congo (... view

Ana Lopes

Ana Lopes gained her first degree in Anthropology at the University of East London. She completed a Masters degree at UCL, and a Ph.D at UEL on... view

Gary Lupyan

Gary Lupyan is currently an Associate Professor of Psychology at University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 2007, he received his PhD in Psychology and... view

Stephen Lyon

Stephen Lyon has lived and worked in Pakistani Punjabi villages and cities off and on since 1982 and has carried out longitudinal research in the... view

Audax Mabulla

Dr Audax Mabulla is Field Coordinator of the Archaeology Unit, University of Dar es Salaam and one of Tanzania's leading archaeologists. His major... view

Kathy Garlow & Mary Sandy

Kathy Garlow (left) and Mary Sandy are representatives from the Six Nations on the Grand River community in Ontario, Canada. Their primary concern is... view

Jeff Miley

Jeffrey Miley is Lecturer of Political Sociology in the Department of Sociology at Cambridge University. His research interests include comparative... view

Brian Morris

Brian Morris is Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at Goldsmith’s College, University of London. Recent books by him include Kropotkin: Politics Of... view

Rajko Muršič

Professor Rajko Muršič is a specialist in urban anthropology and especially the anthropology of popular music. His fieldwork has been conducted in... view

Yasmine Musharbash

Yasmine Musharbash is Senior Lecturer in the School of Archaeology and Anthropology at the Australian National University. She has been conducting... view

Dario Novellino

Dr. Dario Novellino received his Master in Social Anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies and his doctorate in environmental... view

Estelle Orrelle

Estelle Orrelle has a background in history and Near Eastern Archaeology and has taken part in many prehistoric excavations in Israel. Her Ph.D.... view

Felix Padel

Felix Padel is an activist-oriented anthropologist educated in Oxford and Delhi Universities. His main books include 'Sacrificing People: Invasions... view

David Papineau

David Papineau works as Professor of the Philosophy of Science at King's College London and also Professor of Philosophy at City University of New... view

Bruce Parry

Bruce Parry has lived with tribal people the world over and has much to share. In his talks, Bruce reveals what it is like to live with people who... view

Simone Pika

Simone Pika lectures in evolutionary anthropology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Manchester. She wrote her Ph.D. at the Max... view

Simon Pirani

Simon Pirani is the author of "Burning Up: A global history of fossil fuel consumption" (forthcoming in 2018 from Pluto Press). He is a Senior... view

Rebekah Pluekhahn

Rebekah Plueckhahn has researched and worked in Mongolia since 2006 and completed her PhD at the Australian National University in 2013. Having... view

Camilla Power

Camilla Power (camilla.powerATgmail.com) is a Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at the University of East London. She completed her Ph.D. in 2001 at... view

Kate Prendergast

Kate Prendergast gained her Ph.D in Archaeology at the University of Oxford. She has published in British Archaeological Reports, Archaeopress, 3rd... view

Milan Rai

Milan Rai is a longstanding anti-war activist and writer. He is the author of several books including Chomsky’s Politics (Verso, 1995), the only... view

Martin Richards

Martin Richards studies variation in gene frequencies to reconstruct the routes taken by our distant palaeolithic ancestors as they dispersed out of... view

Bruce Rimell

Bruce Rimell is an artist, born in Swindon, but now living in Shipley. He has said of the mythological influences on his work: ‘I’ve been reading... view

Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson lectures in anthropology at the University of East London. He is a specialist in the social life and traditions of the Maori people of... view

Alice Rudge

Alice is a postdoctoral researcher at UCL Institute of Advanced Studies. She began working with Batek hunting and gathering people in Malaysia in... view

Richard Seaford

Richard Seaford is a professor of the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Exeter. His work on Athenian tragedy and... view

Rebecca Sear

Rebecca Sear is a demographer, anthropologist and human behavioural ecologist, and uses an interdisciplinary approach to understand human behaviour.... view

Paula Sheppard

Paula Sheppard is a Research Fellow at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. view

Fabio Silva

Fabio Silva has a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Portsmouth and an MA in Cultural Astronomy at the University of Wales Trinity Saint... view

Thea Skaanes

Thea Skaanes is Managing Curator of the UNESCO collections at the Moesgaard Museum, Denmark. The author of many scientific papers, she has conducted... view

Volker Sommer

Volker Sommer is Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at UCL. His research focuses on the evolution of social behaviour, cognition, biodiversity... view

Robyn Spencer

I am visiting Endowed Chair of Women and Gender Studies and Visiting Associate Professor of History at Brooklyn College, New York. I am a product of... view

Luc Steels

Luc Steels is a professor of computer science at the University of Brussels (VUB), director of the VUB Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and... view

Chris Stringer

Chris Stringer is Merit Researcher in Human Origins at the London Natural History Museum. His early research concentrated on the relationship of... view

Ivan Tacey

xx view

Mark Thomas

Mark G. Thomas is Professor of Evolutionary Genetics at the Research Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment at University College London.... view

Cathryn Townsend

I have been doing anthropological research on hunter-gatherer societies since 2009, when I travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo to work with... view

Tamara Turner

Tamara Turner is a final-year PhD candidate in ethnomusicology at King's College London where she specializes in the Sufi-related musics of North... view

Helena Tuzinska

Helena Tuzinska lectures in the Department of Ethnology and Museology, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in Bratislava. Best-known for her work in... view

Michal Uhrin

Michal Uhrin is a postgraduate student in Social Anthropology at the University of Comenius, Bratislava, Slovakia. view

Jackie Walker

Jackie Walker is a black, Jewish activist and author, a founding member of Jewish Voice for Labour, a defender of Palestinian rights, a longstanding... view

Jackie Walker

Jackie Walker is a black, Jewish activist and author, a founding member of Jewish Voice for Labour, a defender of Palestinian rights, a longstanding... view

Ian Watts

Ian Watts gained his PhD in 1998 from the University of London with a thesis on the southern African Middle Stone Age ochre record and modern human... view

David Wengrow

David Wengrow lectures at the Institute of Archaeology. view

Charles Whitehead

Charles Whitehead was creative director of an advertising agency for twenty years before gaining his PhD in social anthropology at University College... view

Harvey Whitehouse

After carrying out two years of field research on a 'cargo cult' in New Britain, Papua New Guinea in the late eighties, Harvey Whitehouse developed a... view

Jason WIlcox

Jason Wilcox is an English Literature graduate who went on to do an M.A. by Independent Study in Anthropology and Film at the University of East... view

James Woodburn

James Woodburn is the world's leading theorist on egalitarian hunter-gatherer societies; he has just returned from visiting the Hadza people of... view

Nyoefe Yawa Dake

Nyoefe Yawa Dake is active in the Extinction Rebellion All-Afrikan Network and in the Stop the Maangamizi and Extinction Rebellion Joint Action... view

João Zilhão

João Zilhão is professor of Palaeolithic Archaeology at the University of Bristol, Dept of Archaeology and Anthropology. In 1998, he directed the... view