Rosalyn Bold

Rosalyn Bold is currently a Research Associate at the Center for the Anthropology of Sustainability (CAOS), University College London.

She completed her PhD at the University of Manchester in 2016, with a thesis entitled Landscapes of Alterity: Climate Change in Contemporary Bolivia. She spent two years in Bolivia conducting fieldwork in indigenous communities and La Paz. She has worked with Latin American landless movements, including the Zapatistas in Mexico and Movimento Sem Terra in Brazil. She completed an MA in Latin American Studies at Liverpool (2006) and a BA in Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge (2004).

Rosalyn is currently editing a collection for Palgrave-Macmillan entitled Climate Change: the ‘End of the World’?. The volume, based on the proceedings of a conference panel she held at the British Museum in July 2015, collects anthropological accounts of how various indigenous peoples in Latin America perceive climate change, bringing these into conversation with modernist scientific perceptions of the same on an equal footing.