Ifi Amadiume is Professor of Religion at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.

Bridget Anderson

Denise Y.

Anthony Auerbach is an artist.

Before migrating to London in 2005, Camille Barbagallo lived and worked in Australia and was acti

From 1974 to 2000, Jonathan Benthall was Director of the Royal Anthropological Institute.

Colette Berbesque is an evolutionary ecologist who has lived and studied with the Hadza hunter-ga

Nurit Bird-David is Professor in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Haifa in Israel, and

Roger Blench is an anthropologist and linguist, working as a consultant on sociological aspects o

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Rosalyn Bold is currently a Research Associate at the Center for the Anthropology of Sustainabili

Daša Bombjaková is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Comenius University Bratislava and a ch

Born in Utqiaġvik, Alaska and raised on the Kenai Peninsula, Kathleen Bryson received her PhD in

Professor Joe Cain is Professor of History and Philosophy of Biology in UCL Department of Science

Hilary Callan has been Director of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Irela

Marisa Carnesky is a magical performance artist.

Jonathan Chadwick is Director of Az Theatre.

Margaret Clegg has a degree in Behavioural Science, a Masters and PhD in Biological Anthropology.

Marcus Coates is a well-known British performance artist whose work explores what it means to be

Alan Cohen is part of a rare species, a marxist who has had a life-long interest in shamanism and

Alicia Colson is an archaeologist and ethnohistorian.

Martin Cradick is a musician, composer and ethnomusicologist.

Alyssa Crittenden is an anthropologist at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas who studies the rel

Julien d’Huy, of the Pantheon–Sorbonne University in Paris, is pioneering the use of evolutionary

Frederique Darragon is an economist by training who has spent many years in rural China and Tibet

Jean-Louis Dessalles is Associate Professor at Telecom Paristech.

Based in the Department of Anthropology at Sussex University, Matthew Doyle is conducting fieldwo

Mark Dyble is a Research Fellow at Jesus College, Cambridge, and an Affiliated Lecturer in Biolog

Morgan Feeney-Beaton is a long-standing member of the Radical Anthropology Group.

Elena Fejdiova completed her PhD.

Morna Finnegan gained her first degree in Women Studies at University of East London.

Andrew Fowler is a field primatologist.

Sergey Gavrilets is a mathematical modeller interested in the dynamics of sexual conflict and the

Lauren Gawne is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Linguistics at SOAS, with a PhD from the Unive

David Graeber is an American anthropologist and anarchist has been involved in social and politic

Robin Halpin has been an active member of the Radical Anthropology Group for ten years since retu

Brian Hare is a professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University.

Guilherme Orlandini Heurich has worked with Amerindian groups for the past 13 years, more intensi

Martin Holbraad's main field research is in Cuba.

Wendy James is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Oxford and past President of the Ro

Monica Janowski is a social anthropologist who has been carrying out research in Sarawak for more

Shivani Kaul is a research student in the department of anthropology at UCL and in psychodynamic-

Professor Chris Knight is at the Department of Anthropology, University College London.

Marek Kohn is a science writer on evolution, biology and society.

Algis Kuliukas is currently a PhD student at University of Western Australia in Perth, studying t

Les Levidow is a Senior Research Fellow at the Open University with a special interest in controv

Gabriel Levy is a political activist and historian of science with a special interest in the hist

Sheina Lew-Levy holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Cambridge.

Jerome Lewis is a specialist on Central Africa and hunter-gatherer societies.