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Jerome Lewis Woman's Biggest Husband Is The Moon 20 Nov 2018
Chris Knight Did Matriarchy Ever Exist? 25 Sep 2018
Marisa Carnesky Menstruating Together In Theatres, Tents And Other Unlikely Locations. 1 May 2018
Rosalyn Bold The End Of The World? Amerindian Perspectives On Climate Change 20 Mar 2018
Christopher Opie The Next Major Transition In The Evolution Of Our Species 13 Mar 2018
Mark Jamieson Myth, Marriage And The Neccessary Domestication Of The Dangerous ‘Other’ 6 Mar 2018
Les Levidow On ‘Decoding Chomsky’ (Part 1) 27 Feb 2018
Chris Knight On ‘Decoding Chomsky’ (Part 2) 27 Feb 2018
Simon Pirani How Fossil Fuel Use Came To Be Unsustainable 20 Feb 2018
Chris Knight The Wives Of The Sun And The Moon 30 Jan 2018
Chris Knight What About Women Who Do Not Menstruate? 16 Jan 2018
Chris Knight What Can Hunter-Gatherers Teach Us? 16 Jan 2018
Chris Knight Did Matriarchy Ever Exist? 16 Jan 2018
Camilla Power Beauty Magic - Cosmetics And The Origins Of Culture 9 Jan 2018
Morna Finnegan Communism In Motion: How Hunter-Gatherers Make Egalitarianism Work 19 Dec 2017
Jerome Lewis Egalitarian Gender Relations 21 Nov 2017
Chris Knight The Sex-Strike Theory Of Human Origins 14 Nov 2017
Dasa Bombjakova The Importance Of Ridicule In An African Egalitarian Society 7 Nov 2017
Thea Skanes Ritual Life Among The Hadza: The Dancing Dead And Animal Kindred Spirits 24 Oct 2017
Mark Jamieson Mother Scorpion: Sex And Gender Among The Miskitu Of Nicaragua 10 Oct 2017
Chris Knight Jack And The Beanstalk: Its Place In World Mythology 27 Jun 2017
Camilla Power African Women's Traditions Of Rebellion & Revolution 13 Jun 2017
Lionel Sims Trial By Underworld In Stonehenge & Avebury 6 Jun 2017
Chris Knight, Jerome Lewis Wild Voices: Mimicry, Reversal, Metaphor And The Emergence Of Language 23 May 2017
Chris Knight Decoding Chomsky: Science And Revolutionary Politics 9 May 2017
Camilla Power Reconstructing The World's First Cosmology 11 Apr 2017
Chris Stringer Current Controversies In The Field Of Human Evolution 15 Nov 2016
Morag Feeney-Beaton A Gift From The Heavens: The Cosmology Within Spinning And Weaving 21 Jun 2016
Camilla Power Falstaff — Lunarchy In The Kingdom Of England 14 Jun 2016
Jerome Lewis, Chris Knight The Social Origins Of Language 10 Nov 2015
David Graeber, David Wengrow Palaeolithic Politics And Why It Still Matters 13 Oct 2015
Anthony Auerbach Revolution, Repetition And The Cult Of Death: The Burials And Empty Tombs Of Rosa Luxemburg 30 Jun 2015
Dave Robinson The Coming Of The Dread: The Rastafari-Maori Of New Zealand's East Coast 2 Jun 2015
Jeff Miley The Revolution In Rojava: Strengths And Challenges 26 May 2015
Marcus Coates Becoming Animal And Becoming Human 19 May 2015
Paula Sheppard Does Father Absence Affect Children Growing Up? 12 May 2015
Colette Berbesque Womens Production And Reproduction Among The Hadza Hunter-Gatherers Of Tanzania 28 Apr 2015
Chris Knight The Origin Of The Family, Private Property And The State 21 Apr 2015
Chris Knight A Plains Indian Myth: ‘The Wives Of The Sun And Moon’ 31 Mar 2015
John Gowlett Fire And Human Evolution 24 Mar 2015
Camilla Power Can We Reconstruct The World's First Religion 17 Mar 2015
Chris Knight An Aboriginal Australian Myth: ‘The Rainbow Snake’ 10 Mar 2015
Nicola Clayton, Clive Wilkins Mental Time Travel In Crows And Humans 3 Mar 2015
Mark Jamieson Gift Exchange Or Barter? The Origins And Functions Of Money 24 Feb 2015
James Woodburn My Recent Stay Among The Hadza Of Tanzania 17 Feb 2015
Chris Low Telling The Story Of The Kalahari First People 10 Feb 2015
Chris Knight Noam Chomsky And The Human Revolution 3 Feb 2015
Chris Knight Human Origins: Why Menstruation Matters 27 Jan 2015
Chris Knight The Evolutionary Emergence Of Language 20 Jan 2015
Lesley Newson Conservatism And How To Fight It: Lessons From Evolutionary Theory 13 Jan 2015
Chris Knight A Christmas Fairy Tale: ‘The Shoes That Were Danced To Pieces’ 16 Dec 2014
Ingrid Lewis Polyphonic Singing Of The Hunter-Gatherer People Of Central Africa 9 Dec 2014
Jerome Lewis How Language Evolved From Singing 2 Dec 2014
Jerome Lewis Woman's Biggest Husband Is The Moon: How Hunter-Gatherers Maintain Social Equality 25 Nov 2014
Mwenza Blell British Pakistani Women And The Menopause 18 Nov 2014
Robert Fraser James George Frazer's The Golden Bough Yesterday And Today 11 Nov 2014
Chris Stringer Out Of Africa Or Multiregional Evolution For Modern Humans – Why Is There Still A Debate? 4 Nov 2014
William Dixon The Problem Of Economics: Homo Economicus And Human Science 28 Oct 2014
Fabio Silva The Stars And The Stones: An Introduction To Archaeoastronomy 21 Oct 2014
Camilla Power Thoughts On Anthropology And London Anthropology Day
Camilla Power Primitive Communism And The Matriarchal Family: Are They Marxist Myths?
Camilla Power The Selfish Gene: Dialectics Of Conflict And Cooperation
Chris Knight Marxism And Science
Camilla Power Did Gender Egalitarianism Make Us Human? Or, If Graeber And Wengrow Won't Talk About Sex…
Chris Knight On Matriarchy And Primitive Communism
Chris Knight Primitive Communism - What We Think We Know And Why
Chris Knight Origins Of Language And Religion
Lionel Sims Eden: Did Primitive Communism Every Really Exist?
Lionel Sims Frederick Engels And His Origins Of The Family, Private Property And The State: Still Useful Today?
Daiara Tukano Daiara Tukano: Existence As Resistance: An Indigenous Perspective From Brazil, 23 April 2019
Lionel Sims Neolithic: What We Mean By Revolution And Counterrevolution
Chris Knight Government Of The Dead: Fraud
Lionel Sims Stonehenge Rediscovered
Louise Raw ‘Bad Girls' Who Changed The World : Gender, Class, Sexuality & The Matchwomen's Strike