Becoming Animal And Becoming Human

Marcus Coates: Becoming Animal And Becoming Human 19 May 2015

Marcus Coates

Becoming Animal And Becoming Human
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 - 18:45

Marcus Coates spent 576 hours in the Northumberland countryside recording the birdsong of over 15 different species. The birdsong recordings were then slowed down up to 16 times. This enabled 19 singers to imitate the slowed-down birdsong while being filmed in their own domestic habitats, a bedroom or bath-tub for instance. The films are then speeded back up to reach the true pitch of the birds. In many other ways, Coates explores what it means to be human by becoming a shaman and metamorphosing into badgers rabbits and other nonhuman species. This live show in the Cock Tavern will take your breath away! Funny, shocking and powerfully thought-provoking,

Marcus Coates on how a booby views humans on the Galapagos Islands, shamanism for the tenants' association and the civil service, a dawn chorus, humans in their natural habitat.

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