Can We Reconstruct The World's First Religion

Camilla Power: Can We Reconstruct the World's First Religion 17 March 2015

Camilla Power

Can We Reconstruct The World's First Religion
Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 18:45

Drawing on myths and rituals from hunter-gatherers across Africa, Camilla Power will attempt to reconstruct aspects of humanity's earliest religion.

Camilla Power explains how three existing central and southern african populations of hunter-gatherers are descended from an ancient population and examines the cultural and religious practices that they have in common. Camilla Power is senior lecturer in Anthropology at University of East London. Her research interests include Darwinian models of the evolution of culture with special focus on African hunter-gatherer cosmology and gender ritual; evolution of language, art and ritual in modern humans; Neanderthal symbolic behaviour; beauty; sexual selection; cosmetics; red ochre; pigments; initiation; early human kinship.

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