The Selfish Gene: Dialectics Of Conflict And Cooperation

The Selfish Gene: Dialectics of Conflict and Cooperation

Camilla Power

The Selfish Gene: Dialectics Of Conflict And Cooperation

A presentation made in the summer of 2012 by anthropologist Dr Camilla Power of the University of East London to the 20th Congress of Revolution Internationale, section of the International Communist Current in France. The presentation addressed the topic of 'Confidence and solidarity in the evolution of humanity' and, using the theoretical tools bequeathed by Darwin and Marx, attempted to answer the question: "what distinguishes our species from the great apes?"

Many of those on "the left" have denounced "selfish gene theory" as if it demonstrated that human beings were necessarily selfish and therefore unable to create a supposedly selfless communist society.

As this talk delivered by Dr Power shows, selfish gene theory on the contrary provides the basis for understanding how the blind process of evolution by natural selection, led to the emergence of a species - man - whose survival depends on its capacity for solidarity.

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