Competition And Prestige Among 1950's New York Teenage Vocal Groups

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Mark Jamieson

Competition And Prestige Among 1950's New York Teenage Vocal Groups

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 - 18:45

Mark Jamieson will discuss how Pierre Bourdieu’s concepts of symbolic capital and symbolic violence might be enhanced through an exploration of what he calls ‘symbolic currencies’ in order to make sense of mechanisms of culture change. He will analyse the habitus inhabited by black teenagers involved in Rhythm and Blues vocal groups (later known as ‘doo wop’ groups) in 1950s New York.

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Nyoefe Yawa Dake

Planet-Repairing Freedomways
Tuesday, March 3, 2020 - 18:45
Daryll Forde Seminar Room, Anthropology Building, 14 Taviton St, off Gordon Sq., London WC1H 0BW. Tube: Euston Square. map

Nyoefe Yawa Dake is an indigenous rights organizer and Extinction Rebellion activist who will will speak to us about (1) new networks of international Extinction Rebellion resistance linking the Global South with the Global North (2) a project to enhance the indigenous knowledge of grassroots Earth Defenders in Afrika with appropriate modern scientific and technological resources and (3) ambitious plans to share knowledge, expertise and innovations in recycling goods and services. Nyoefe will convey her message not only in words but also in song.