On the ‘Human Revolution’




Camilla Power and Ian Watts will be talking on Tues Oct 24, 18:30 London time LIVE @UCLAnthropology and on ZOOM

They will speak about the history and meaning of the “Human Revolution’, an idea fundamentally developed in association with the Recent African Origins model in the late 1980s, and the entry of modern humans into Upper Palaeolithic Europe.

Radical Anthropology continues to flag up the Human Revolution, even as archaeologists of the African record have published papers titled ‘The Revolution that Wasn’t’ and the ‘Revolution that still isn’t’! So what do they, and we, mean by revolution in the emergence of modern humans? And when and where was it?

Sign up here to get ZOOM links on the day, or come LIVE to the Daryll forde Seminar Room, 2nd Floor, UCL Dept of Anthropology, Loondon WC1H 0BW