Reading Reindeer Shoulder Blade: Engaging with Environmental Uncertainty in Northeast Siberia 




Please note this talk by Olga Ulturgasheva is ZOOM only on Tues May 16, 6:30pm

The latest environmental calamities such as extreme wildfires in Siberia, California and Australia highlighted limitations of and hindrances to human capacity for rescue, survival and adaptation to different scales of exposure to technogenic catastrophes and the effects of climate change. The questions of how we understand human limitations to avert risks and hazards, how we take into account the increasing vulnerability of the affected communities and how we comprehend human and non-human feedback to new and emerging forms of ‘normal’ stress importance of the need to recognize urgency of acknowledging that expert knowledge emerges in many forms and that it can be communicated in many ways. The understanding of complex networks of risks and strategies undertaken for risk reduction and amelioration will depend on how they are interpreted and articulated, and by whom. Olga Ulturgasheva will examine technologies and practices of reading environmental uncertainty in Northeast Siberia while evaluating human capacity and its limits to avert and mitigate the impact of wildfires. 

Olga Ulturgasheva is an Indigenous scholar of Siberian Eveny/Lamut heritage based at the University of Manchester. Her research has focused on childhood and adolescence, narrative and memory, animist and nomadic cosmologies, reindeer herding and hunting, climate change and the latest environmental transformations in Siberia and Alaska.

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