‘This land is our land’: Exploring New Travellers’ alternative worldmaking and activism




On Nov 14, 18:30 GMT London time, we welcome Freya Hope, a Ph.D candidate anthropology at the University of Oxford, whose work explores human possibilities through the ‘alternative worldmaking’ of New Travellers. She engages with topics such as the anthropologies of anarchy, freedom, endurance and nomadism.

New Travellers formed their group as an alternative to UK mainstream state and society around 50 years ago and have rarely entered the public sphere since. However, when the Government aimed to criminalise trespass using the ‘Policing Bill’ in 2021, they joined forces with activists from long-standing Romany and Traveller communities to challenge the legislation. But how would they represent their community with this new political platform, and on what terms would they garner public support? Furthermore, what conceptual language should I employ to explore this group’s situation? This presentation will examine these questions through engaging with notions of eco-anarchism, sedentism/mobility and land rights.

This talk is LIVE @UCLAnthropology and on ZOOM.

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