When Eve Laughed: The Origins of Language




On Tuesday Dec 5, 18:30 GMT (London time) Jerome Lewis and Chris Knight will talk about their forthcoming book on language origins: ‘When Eve Laughed’.

Why is it that out of 220 primate species, we are the only one which talks? Collective laughter, too, is unique to our species. Although quite different from language, collective and contagious laughter may have set the scene for words and grammar to evolve by establishing the necessary bonds of trust. In addition to the latest archaeological research, this talk will draw on hunter-gatherer studies to show how men learn to communicate with birds and beasts and how women use laughter as a levelling device.

This talk will be LIVE in the Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 2nd Floor, Dept of Anthropology UCL, London WC1H 0BW. We also go out on ZOOM. Please register here to receive ZOOM links (sent Mon/Tues).