Chris Knight




Professor Chris Knight is at the Department of Anthropology, University College London. He gained his Ph.D. from the University of London with a thesis on Claude Lévi-Strauss’ four-volume Mythologiques. His first book, Blood Relations: Menstruation and the origins of culture (1991), outlined a new theory of human evolution. Since then, his main research interest has been in the evolutionary emergence of language.

Authored texts

Family Ideology And The Crisis In Twentieth Century Kinship Theory
The Politics Of Early Kinship
The Syntax Of Sex Strike
Revisiting Matrilineal Priority
Ritual And The Origins Of Language
Introduction The Evolution Of Cooperative Communication
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Decoding Chomsky
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Decoding Fairytales (Booklet Version)
The Wives Of Sun And Moon
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Early Human Kinship Was Matrilineal
The Time-Resistant Syntax Of Human Ritual And Myth
Grandmothers, Politics, And Getting Back To Science
The Origins Of Anthropomorphic Thinking
The Human Symbolic Revolution A Darwinian Account (Text Version)
The Human Symbolic Revolution A Darwinian Account (Publication Version)
Language A Darwinian Adaptation?
Social Conditions For The Evolutionary Emergence Of Language
Solidarity And Sex
The Science Of Solidarity
Another World Is Possible
Menstruation And The Origins Of Culture (Phd Thesis, Ucl 1987)
Human Revolution And The Origins Of Language
The Origins Of Symbolic Culture
The Origins Of Human Society
Sex And The Class Struggle [Selected Works Of Wilhelm Reich]
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