Dario Novellino




Dr. Dario Novellino received his Master in Social Anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies and his doctorate in environmental anthropology from the University of Kent where he is presently affiliated as a research fellow. Recently, he has completed a Wenner-Gren funded research on “Local Knowledge Hybridization in the Context of Conservation Development Projects”. Between 2004-2005, Dr. Novellino also worked on an Economic Social Research Council (ESRC) project on anthropological methodologies and transmission of environmental knowledge, with strong emphasis on audio-visual documentation and participatory video. His personal commitment and research interests include indigenous people’s rights and advocacy, ethnobiological knowledge, natural resources management, perceptions of the environment and belief systems of small-scale societies. Since 1986, South East Asia has become the focus of his activities, and most of his anthropological research and publications have been focussing on the Batak and Pälawan of the Philippines. He is actively engaged in supporting these indigenous communities in their efforts to protect their environment and fulfil their rights.

Authored texts

Contrasting Landscapes, Conflicting Ontologies. Assessing Environmentalconservation On Palawan Island
The Relevance Of Myths And Worldviews In Pälawan Classification,perceptions, And Management Of Honey Bees