Denise Arnold




Denise Y. Arnold, an Anglo-Bolivian anthropologist (PhD, UCL 1988), is currently Senior Research Fellow at UCL, and directs the Instituto de Lengua y Cultura Aymara in La Paz, Bolivia. Her publications and co-publications in English include Situating the Andean colonial experience: Ayllu tales of history and hagiography in the Time of the Spanish (ARC-Humanities, Univ. Amsterdam, 2021); A Critique of Andean Reason (A Contracorriente, North Carolina State Univ., 2018); The Andean Science of Weaving (Thames and Hudson, 2015); Heads of state: icons of power and politics in the ancient and modern Andes (Left Coast Press, Berkeley, 2008); River of Fleece, River of Song. Singing to the animals; An Andean poetics of creation (Univ. Bonn, BAS series, 2001).