Ifi Amadiume




Ifi Amadiume is Professor of Religion at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. She did her fieldwork among the Igbo in Nigeria in Africa with a special interest in gender analysis and gained her Ph.D. at the University of London (School of Oriental & African Studies) in 1984. Her research interests include African goddesses and matriarchy; spirit possession; women’s organizations; social movements; human rights and social justice; gender ideology/philosophy in indigenous religions of Africa and the African diaspora; and women in African Islam. Her publications include Male Daughters, Female Husbands: Gender and Sex in an African Society (London and New Jersey: Zed Books, 1987, 6th impression 1997); African Matriarchal Foundations: The Igbo Case (London: Karnak House, 1987); Reinventing Africa: Matriarchy, Religion and Culture (London and New Jersey: Zed Books and St. Martin’s Press, 1997); Daughters of the Goddess, Daughters of Imperialsim (Zed Books 2000) and The Politics of Memory: Truth, Healing and Social Justice, co-edited with Abdullahi An Na’im (Zed Books 2000). She is also a creative writer. Her published poetry includes “Passion Waves” (London: Karnak House, 1985), “Ecstasy” (Longman Nigeria, 1995) and “Circles of Love” (NJ, USA: Frica World Press).