Jason WIlcox




Jason Wilcox is an English Literature graduate who went on to do an M.A. by Independent Study in Anthropology and Film at the University of East London after attending Chris Knight’s “Human Revolution” evening class, where his special project was published as a pamphlet under the title “Civilization, Repression and the Modern Horror Film”. Subsequently the first part of the M.A. was published in the Canadian film journal CINEACTION under the title “Cat People and its Two Worlds” (an analysis of the several versions of a Hollywood horror film which bears a distinct relationship to Knight’s theory of cultural origins); there have also been other articles in CINEACTION and in the London-based SPIRIT magazine. Jason is also a practising film-maker whenever time and funds allow, and has written and directed five short films, the most recent of which was awarded the Runner-Up prize at the Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester; he is currently about to film his first horror feature, THE BOX, on digital video.

Authored texts

Civilisation, Repression And The Modern Horror Film