Jerome Lewis




Jerome Lewis is a specialist on Central Africa and hunter-gatherer societies. He has conducted extensive fieldwork in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) with Yaka forest hunter-gatherers and to a lesser extent with neighbouring farming peoples. His research is a continuing long-term ethnographic study focused on Yaka social organisation, religion and ritual structures, child development and learning, Yaka relations with other hunter-gatherers, hunter-gatherers’ relations with settled people and officials, and the impact of logging and conservation initiatives. Dr Lewis has also worked with Twa Pygmies in the Great Lakes Region, but especially in Rwanda before and after the 1994 genocide and war.

Authored texts

Forest Hunter-Gatherers And Their World A Study Of Mbendjele Yaka Pygmies Of Congo-Brazzaville And Their Secular And Religious A
From Abundance To Scarcity: Indigenous Resource Management And The Industrial Extraction Of Forest Resources