Kathleen Bryson




Born in Utqiaġvik, Alaska and raised on the Kenai Peninsula, Kathleen Bryson received her PhD in Evolutionary Anthropology from UCL in 2017, and previously was awarded her MA in Independent Film from what is now UAL, with two BA degrees in Anthropology and Swedish, respectively, from the University of Washington. She additionally studied a year of Nordic Archaeology (Honours) at Stockholm University as a Swedish speaker, specialising in the Viking Age. Her doctorate was followed by lecturing in Germany and then a postdoctoral research position at Queen Mary University of London that focused on social identity theory and older adults. She currently is the Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Oxford for the Oxford Martin Programme on Women’s Equality. She specialises in ambiguity tolerance, evolutionary theory and social identity theory applied to ingroup/outgroup distinctions, including androcentrism, heterosexism and speciesism. A writer of speculative fiction herself, she has taught a module on fictive Extraterrestrial Anthropology at UCL for the last several years as part of UCL Anthropology’s European Research Council ETHNO-ISS programme, and has contributed a chapter based on this same research to David Jeevendrampillai and Aaron Parkhurst’s forthcoming book Extraterrestrial Anthropology (Routledge, 2022).