Martin Holbraad




Martin Holbraad’s main field research is in Cuba. There, he focuses on Afro-Cuban religions and revolutionary politics. Having completed in 2002 his doctoral thesis on the role of oracles and money within the diviner cult of Ifà in socialist Cuba, his research since has focused on such topics as the relationship between myth and action, the consecration of objects, and, more broadly, the relationship between cosmology, politics and other forms of social invention. These ethnographic interests inform his theoretical concerns with such topics as the anthropology of truth and the imagination, abstraction and divinity, thing-theory, and the relationship between anthropological and philosophical analysis. In UCL Anthropology he is Chair of the Research Committee, and has been Tutor of the MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology (2011-13), and Head of the Social Anthropology Section (2011-14). He was Vice-Dean for Interdisciplnarity in UCL’s Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences (2013-14), and sits on the Executive Group of UCL’s Grand Challenge of Intercultural Interaction (GCII), under the aegis of which he organised the cross-Faculty initiative on Wonderments of Cosmos.