Recommended Readings

Leslie C Aiello

  • The Expensive Tissue Hypothesis The Brain And The Digestive System Inhuman And Primate Evolution |
  • Female Proto-Symbolic Strategies |
  • Neocortex Size, Group Size And The Evolution Of Language |
  • Neocortex Size, Group Size And The Evolution Of Language |

Candace S Alcorta

  • Ritual, Emotion And Sacred Symbols The Evolution Of Religion As Anadaptive Complex |

Nick Allen

  • Tetradic Theory And The Origin Of Human Kinship Systems |

Hilary Alton

  • Matriarchy Really Did Exist - Selected Extracts From Robert Briffault's ‘The Mothers’ |
  • The Moon And Menstruation: A Taboo Subject - Selected Extracts From Robert Briffault's ‘The Mothers’ |

Adam Clark Arcadi

  • Vocal Responsiveness In Male Wild Chimpanzees Implications For The Evolution Of Language |

Quentin D. Atkinson

  • Stepwise Evolution Of Stable Sociality In Primates |

Mikhail Bakhtin

  • Passages From Rabelais And His World |

Michael Balter

  • Early Start For Human Art? Ochre May Revise Timeline |
  • Animal Communication Helps Reveal Roots Of Language |

Joan Bamberger

  • The Myth Of Matriarchy Why Men Rule In Primitive Society |

Brian Bamford

  • Language, Mind And Society: An Alternative Raven |

Patrick Barkham

  • The Power Of Speech (An Interview Of Daniel Everett) |

Louise Barrett

  • Constraints On Relationship Formation Among Female Primates |

Robert A Barton

  • Red Enhances Human Performance In Contests |

Stephen Beckerman

  • The Concept Of Partible Paternity Among Native South Americans |

Chris Benn

  • The Moon And The Origin Of Life |

Megan Biesele

  • Women Like Meat The Folklore And Foraging Ideology Of The Kalahari Ju/'hoan |

Maurice Bloch

  • Death And The Regeneration Of Life |
  • Placing The Dead Tombs, Ancestral Villages, And Kinship Organisation In Madagascar |

Nicholas G Blurton-Jones

  • Grandmothering And The Evolution Of Homo Erectus |

Barry Bogin

  • Language And Life History A New Perspective On The Development Andevolution Of Human Language |

Peter Boomgaard

  • Perspectives On De Waal’S Primates And Philosophers How Morality Evolved |

Samuel Bowles

  • Costly Signaling And Cooperation |

Edmund Bradden

  • Chris Knight's Theory Of Human Origins An Abridged Account |

Pauline Bradley

  • Another World Is Possible |

Peter Brown

  • A New Small-Bodied Hominin From The Late Pleistocene Of Flores,indonesia |

Richard Byrne

  • Neocortex Size Predicts Deception Rate In Primates |
  • The Evolution Of Primate Cognition |

Josep Call

  • Reliance On Head Versus Eyes In The Gaze Following Of Great Apes Andhuman Infants The Cooperative Eye Hypothesis |

Noam Chomsky

  • The Faculty Of Language What Is It, Who Has It And How Did It Evolve? |
  • Human Nature And The Origins Of Language |
  • Language And Nature |
  • A Note On The Creative Aspect Of Language Use |

Alan Cohen

  • The Decadence Of The Shamans : Reflections In 2010 (New Intro) |
  • The Decadence Of The Shamans |

Jack Conrad

  • When All The Crap Began (Part 1) |
  • When All The Crap Began (Part 2) |

Michael Corballis

  • From Mouth To Hand Gesture, Speech And The Evolution Of Right-Handedness |

Nadia Corp

  • Neocortex Size Predicts Deception Rate In Primates |

James Cowan

  • Foreword To Kun-Man-Gur The Rainbow Serpent |

Richard Dawkins

  • Immortal Coils, Chapter 3 In The Selfish Gene |

Eric Delson

  • Return Of The Last Neanderthal |

Christophe Denis

  • Comment On The Paper "fast Tidal Cycling And The Origin Oflife" By Richard Lathe |

Jean-Louis Dessalles

  • Language And Hominid Politics |
  • Altruism, Status And The Origin Of Relevance |

Margaret Drach

  • The Creative Aspect Of Chomsky’S Use Of The Notion Of Creativity |