What it means to be human: myth, time, landscape




Language, art, music and culture emerged in Africa over 100,000 years ago, culminating in a symbolic explosion or ‘human revolution’ whose echoes can still be heard in myths and cultural traditions from around the world. These talks are a general introduction to social and biological anthropology, ranging over fields as diverse as hunter-gatherer studies, mythology, primatology, archaeology and archaeoastronomy. Radical Anthropology brings indigenous rights activists, environmentalists, feminists and others striving for a better world together with people of all ages who just want to learn about anthropology.

  • Jan 10 ‘Menopause and matriarchy in killer whales and humans’. Chris Knight and Camilla Power
  • Jan 17 ‘Decoding the Dragon in world mythology’. Chris Knight
  • Jan 24 ‘Egalitarian civilisations’. Jerome Lewis
  • Jan 31 ‘River of milk: road of ashes – the Milky Way in archaeoastronomy and myth’. John Grigsby
  • Feb 7 ‘The music returns to Kai-as.’ Sian Sullivan
  • Feb 14 ‘How to run a brothel: a thought experiment on kinship, sex and economics’. Chris Knight (ZOOM Only)
  • Feb 21 ‘The hunter Monmanéki and his wives.’ Chris Knight (ZOOM Only)
  • Feb 28 ‘Social norms underlying collective intelligence in hunter-gatherers’ Vivek Venkataraman (ZOOM only)
  • Mar 7 International Women’s Day special lecture: ‘Matchwoman or vampire? Strikes, sisterhood and the Victorian fear of female sexuality’. Louise Raw
  • Mar 14 ‘Anthropology, activism and local environmental knowledge’. Panel with Raj Puri, Paul Powlesland, Pauline von Hellermann, Richard Jones, Magda Buchczyk
  • Mar 21 ‘An Australian Aboriginal Sacred Myth: the Wawilak sisters and the Rainbow Snake’ Chris Knight (ZOOM only)
  • Mar 28 ‘BITCH: On the female of the species’. Lucy Cooke